Alternatives to LEAP®

What are your alternatives to LEAP? Your financial life may well be managed by one of the four alternatives listed below. Let’s look at each one of the alternatives and see if they are what you really want and need.

Alternative #1 – Day-To-Day Decision Making

The result of doing day-to-day decision-making can be devastating. People who never examine the big picture tend to live day by day and may lose control over their financial lives. In a complex society such as ours, people who do not look at the effect each decision creates, have less chance for financial security.

Alternative #2 – Periodic Decision Making

This type of approach usually keeps people one step or more behind where they should and could be. Periodic decision-making is part of the “do-it-yourself” mindset. It lacks an understanding of the importance of having professional assistance.

Alternative #3 – Needs-Based Decision Making

Needs-based decision making focuses on meeting needs such as saving for a house, college tuition costs, retirement income, paying estate taxes, disability income needs, etc. This kind of decision-making usually takes place only when a perceived need is present or obvious.

Alternative #4 – Traditional Financial Planning

Conventional financial planning focuses on trying to meet predetermined needs and goals. The methodology used in this approach involves substantial number crunching and monitoring of mathematical variables such as interest rates, investment rates of return, inflation rates, income tax rates, and future income needs.

For many consumers, the right system for building wealth protection is LEAP®.

We believe the best choice that you can make in your financial life is the use of LEAP®. Give yourself this opportunity for wealth, happiness, and success. After all, you deserve the best.

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