We offer each client his or her own personal eMoney dedicated website with a secure and personalized login to eMoney, our web-based solution for conveniently organizing all you financial and other important information in one centralized location.

We use technology in so many ways in our normal daily life, so it makes sense that technology can provide more efficient account management and communication. We understand you are busy and may not have time during business hours to review your accounts. Utilizing the best tools available is key for having updated information at all times.

An integral step in our process entails launching an individual, secure website for each client.  This website will have a snapshot of all your accounts (including 401(k), IRA, brokerage accounts, deferred compensation plans, pensions, etc.) regardless of where they are held; updated in real time — all in one place.  The personal website also features a digital vault that can hold copies of all your important documents (wills, insurance policies, trusts, passports, family pictures, etc.) for safe-keeping and to be viewed at any time, anywhere from your computer or mobile device.

We know you’re going to love having this convenient access to your personal data.


The Stark Difference