People tend to lose more wealth than they will ever accumulate.  The negative effects on your income are taxes, debt, interest, fees and premiums, which put stress on your cash flow, leading to costly inefficiencies.  The small amount of income that is leftover is used for savings and lifestyle.

The Stark Experience strives to lower taxes, debt, interest, fees, premiums and risk over your lifetime.  We help eliminate unnecessary costs and re-capture those lost, hard-earned dollars. After implementing various recovery methods you are able to then redeploy your found, lost money. Often lost dollars are going to financial institutions which are in the game of showing their clients the best strategies that make the financial institution more profitable, not you. The recovery strategies will help to increase your lifestyle and/or savings capacity.  This type of strategy is called a macro approach that aims to maximize protection and wealth overtime, while lowering risk.

Stark Financial Group also helps small businesses develop strategies for succession planning, executive compensation, risk management analysis and effective employee benefits. Stark Financial Group is forward thinking and continually looking for ways to improve the financial outlook for our clients.


The Stark Difference